evergreen vegan floss
evergreen vegan floss

evergreen vegan floss

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Our Vegan Floss, a delightful minty corn silk, is a sustainable dental floss. Instead of the traditional nylon string, which can double as assassins' wire it is so strong, add to that it actually is often a cause of death for many animals, including baby seals, all because of that piece of pepper stuck in your teeth.

Get your choice of how you get your floss:, both offer 30m of minty cleanliness.

  • Vegan Floss + 100% recycled glass container
  • Vegan Floss Refill Rolls x 2         

& as always, with every purchase a tree is planted.

Fact: 1 year of flossing in the United States contribute 2,184,000,000 plastic floss containers.  Help reduce those numbers by making the smart switch.